Commissioning of Phase 1 of the Aluminum Smelter of Iran

The first phase of the greatest aluminum smelter of Iran was commissioned in the presence of Vista Faraz’s managing director, Mehdi Kheiri, and its personnel on 17 December 2019. This smelter alone will produce 40% of the country’s aluminum.

The managing director and vice president of the South Aluminum Smelter Plant (SALCO), Mr Taherpour and Mr Mostaghimi, the personnel of NFC (the EPCF contractor), and the management and personnel of VFB were present in the above-mentioned event.

The technology used in SALCO is 430kA. The smelter starts work with 2 pots, and will gradually make 86 pots active. In the end, it will operate with 258 pots and the capacity of 300’000 metric tons.

By the end of the year 1398 (19 March 2019), the smelter will reach the capacity of 100’000 metric tons. Afterwards, Potrooms 2 and 3 with the capacity of 86 pots each will be operated. Next year, SALCO will be the largest aluminum smelter of the country, and one of the top four aluminum smelters of the Middle East, aiming at developing the aluminum production capacity of the country in order to create added value in the field of energy and export aluminum. SALCO alone will produce 40% of the aluminum of the country, reaching the production of over 1 million metric tons of aluminum ingots in its development plans, while the annual capacities of Almahdi Co, Hormozal Co., IRALCO, and Jajarm Co. are 110’000t, 140’000t, 100’000t and 40’000t respectively.