South AluminumSmelter (SALCO)

Phase one of this plant consists of 2 pot room containing electrolysis pots for aluminum production. The length of each pot room is about 1000 m.  

Each pot room includes 129 reduction cells and the total number of cells is 258. The technology of reduction cells is 430 KA, and based on this technology, total production of the reduction line will be 300,000 t/y.

Project Location: Fars – Lamerd

Capacity: 1 million t/y in 3 phases (Phase 1 with capacity of 300,000 t/y)

Area: 200 ha

Price: 1.2 Billion $

Main Employer: South Aluminum Corporation (SALCO)

Technologic Consultant: Northeastern University Engineering & Research Institute Co., LTD (NEUI)

Client’s Consultant: Namvaran Consulting Engineers; Managers

EPCF Main Contractor: China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., LTD (NFC)

EPCF Contractor Management Consultant: Vista Faraz Bam (VFB)

Project Main Parts:

Smelter (Pot Room) – Casting House – GTC/FTC/Dedusting – Anode Plant