Procurement Engineering & Management

Procurement management of the project in Vista Faraz Bam Co., includes the required process for purchasing or supplying the materials, equipment and the services necessary for the project. Totally, the procedure is categorized in three stages of designing the project procurement, conducting the project procurement and controlling the project procurement.

In the stage of designing the project procurement, the procurement approaches are determined based on the strategic purposes of VFB, and the decisions on purchasing, documentation and the well-known suppliers are recognized.

In the stage of conducting the project’s procurement, by inviting the selected suppliers, their technical and financial suggestions, along with the scheduling will be received. These suggestions will be evaluated in comparison to the criteria discussed in the pervious stage and after choosing the appropriate supplier, a contract will be settled with the supplier.

In the stage of controlling the project’s procurement, the supplier’s progress of quantity, quality, time and finance will be inspected and an analysis of procurement’s trend and report will be made from.

  • Collecting and updating the information of material, equipment and services
  • Invitation form to the well-known and approved suppliers
  • Pre-assessment of the suppliers and a comparison with Iran and Project Standards
  • Replying to the technical questions of the suppliers
  • Holding the tender
  • Technical and financial evaluation of the received suggestions from the suppliers
  • Settling the contract with the appropriate supplier
  • Inspection during the manufacturing and before transferring the purchased material and equipment
  • Controlling and analyzing the progress of the procurement contracts in project
  • Investigating the received receipts from the suppliers for paying the amount