About us

VFB offers services on integrated and agile management of industrial and construction projects. For this purpose, VFB, with its professional young managers and engineers, extensive experience in major projects of the country, and novel tools of project management such as building information modeling (BIM), has tried to create cooperation and dynamism, in order to improve team work, facilitate decision-making, and guarantee the success of projects.

26-27 Feb. 2018
The 1st International Conference on BIM
24-26 Apr. 2018
5th Iran International Aluminium Conference
2-3 Oct. 2018
1st Iran Non-Ferrous Industries Conference
18 Nov. 2018
6th Symposium of the Project Managers
24-25 Feb. 2019
14th International Project Management Conference
1 May 2019
The 2nd International Conference on BIM
11 Nov. 2019
7th Symposium of the Project Managers