Comprehensive Event of Mines and Mining Industries

About Conference

Despite the country’s economic instability in recent years, the steel and iron ore industry have been able to maintain its growing trend in terms of production and export; Such that in the non-oil export of the first 4 months of 1401 Shamsi, iron and steel ingots were among the 10 commodities that accounted for the largest amount of exports. Also, according to the predictions made and based on the steel export target program, 14 million tons of steel products should be exported in 1402 Shamsi, which is about 4 million tons more than the steel export in 1401 Shamsi. Therefore, in a situation where the sanctions on our country limit the possibility of economic exchanges with other countries, it is necessary to take action to improve the quality of products and improve trade interactions with other countries in order to maintain and grow the amount and quality of production and export of steel products.

On the other hand, Among metals industries, although the values added of products and alloys of non-ferrous metals industries such as Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, and Gold are high, they are less noticed, and therefore, they need more attention compared to previous years.

In addition, considering the long-term sanctions, these metal industries are an ideal opportunity for exporting and absorbing foreign currencies. A remarkable example of this fact is exporting of copper products of more than 981 million dollars by factories and companies of the country from the beginning of April to the end of November.

Regarding the successful experience of the “Iranian Steel & Iron Ore Market Conference & Expo” in the previous 12 years, and “Iran Non-Ferrous Metals Industries Market & Related Technologies Conference & Expo” for the previous four years, and the audiences’ feedback explaining that the presented content was useful, also the aim of creating a valuable opportunity for interaction between all those engaged in mining and mineral industries, business improvements, and facilitating economic activities in this field, led Donya-e-Eqtesad Media Group as ‘A Business Accelerator via Professional Networking’ to decide on holding two annual events of “5th Iran Non-Ferrous Industries Market & Related Technologies Conference & Expo” and “13th Iranian Steel & Iron Ore Market Conference & Expo” under the title of “Comprehensive Event of Mines and Mining Industries” in May 2023 in 4 consecutive days With the presence of experts and effective sides.

By attending this comprehensive event, participants and interested parties can also visit the major exhibition of this event while getting knowledge of the opportunities and challenges and the most up-to-date developments in these fields. The aim of holding this event is to create an opportunity for the prominent effective sides of government, the private sector, and domestic and international associations to exchange their ideas and information. Hopefully, the goal will be achieved by cooperation between all the effective sides.

13th ISMC Topics:

  • Long-Term supply of Iron Ore and Raw Materials, Sustainable policy-Making, and Infrastructure Requirements
  • The Imbalance of Supply and Demand of steel (Domestic sales and Exports), the Necessity of Preparing a Comprehensive Plan for Steel on the horizon of Post 1404 Shamsi
  • The Role of Active International Economic and Political Relations in Selling Products and Indigenization of New Technologies
  • Investigating the Decrease in Domestic Consumption and the Deep gap between the Domestic Price and Global Price of Steel Products
  • Effects of Infrastructure Challenges and Energy Issues on Production; Economic and Social Instability
  • Green Steel, the Environmental Requirements of the Steel Industry, and Iran’s Position in Improving Production Technology

5thNon-Ferrous Metals Industries Conference Topics:

  • The Balance in the Non-Ferrous Metals Market, Studying the Perspective of the Rate of Production, Consumption and Export
  • Stabilizing International Relations, Revision on Foreign Exchange and Export Policy-Makings, Developing International Markets
  • Domestic Supply and Demand of Non-Ferrous Metals; Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Development Plans for Non-Ferrous Metals Production Capacity; Revival and Investment in Small and Medium-Size Mines
  • The Role of Innovative Technologies in the Development of Non-Ferrous Metals Exploration