Nafis Cartonplast Factory

“Cartonplast Factory Development Plan” aims for the expansion and optimization of the factory’s production through construction of a newly-designed factory with additional production lines. This factory is designed by the consultant based on equipment information and the client’s requirements.

Location: Lakan Industrial Town, Rasht

Total area: ​​20’500 square meters

Built-up area: 15’300 square meters

Number of floors: The main hall consists of one floor and one mezzanine. The office building has 3 floors, and the warehouse, guard room, and substation are all built in one floor.

Client: Nafis Cartonplast Company

Design and engineering: Vista Faraz Consulting Engineers Company

Project management and supervision: Vista Faraz Consulting Engineers Company

Services provided in this project:

Integrated project management (after the commencement of construction), including the preparation of bidding documents and invitation of bidders, as well as the selection of contractors and suppliers

Engineering design, including basic and detailed design of the structure, architecture, and MEP

Supervision (after the commencement of construction), including field supervision and high supervision