Design & Engineering

Engineering department of Vista Faraz Co. has presented a landmark operation in the domain of construction projects by implementing an integrated management in design, supervision, execution and using novel approaches.

Creative innovations and attendance at international arenas, were the key approaches of vista faraz for making this high quality.

For industrial and petroleum projects, process department firstly provides the work process and production line and submit it to the engineering department in schematic. Afterwards, the primary design will start in the engineering department, according to the received information.

  • Primary studies of the project (report) in all disciplines
  • Submitting the design concept
  • Designing the phase zero and phase one of the architectures (modelling the project)
  • Designing the phase one of the structure, mechanic and electric
  • BIM by implementing an integrated platform, progress of design decisions in the primary design and evaluating the life cycle of the project
  • Preparing the phase one and phase two of the project in all disciplines
  • High supervision of the projects
  • Preparing the execution operation for different sections of the project and the procedures of inspection
  • Preparing the execution process
  • Designing façade and internal decoration