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Considering PMBOK standards in project management, Vista faraz is modelling and mechanizing project management process in the context of Process Automation and Business Intelligence.

Development of hardware, new software and public access to the Internet, has paved the ground for the automation of process.

The reports are online and can be accessed by the computer or cell phone connected to the Internet.Collection and analysis of the organization information will be done by the means of Business Intelligence.

Using powerful tools, various types of management reports can be produced from different information banks such as Analysis Service, SQL, SharePoint, MySQL, Access, Salesforce, DB2, Oracle, etc.   

  • Multirotor Drone
  1. Filming or photographing of project for documenting and controlling the progress of project
  2. Quality control and safety of items with difficult access or distant
  3. Using visual analysis software for transforming the aerial photos to the Point Cloud model and finally to a 3D mode

Combination of 3D models and appropriate hardware such as VR glasses, makes it possible that the design and execution of the project can be virtually modeled and be assessed by the effective factors. Through VR equipment, delivering and submitting the project will be done by higher accuracy and quality. Other use of VR is in the domain of renovation, which the final result can be watched virtually before the real execution of the project. 


Another aspect of using BIM in projects is the augmented reality. Special software can show an integrated combination of the reality and a virtual model by possessing a 3D model, along with the details and full information.

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